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  • Orientation

Traveling is not only visiting new countries but also collecting extensive knowledge and experience about a particular place.
Travex delivers a full range of professional services in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. In addition, we offer to visit stunning locations and landmarks of the Caucasus region and discover its culture, traditions, ancient history, fantastic restaurants with delicious wine and gastronomy, and unique places.
Regardless of the destination, we deliver an unforgettable travel experience at a reasonable price, from three days to three weeks.
Travex offers various quality services:

  • Provide partner companies and guests with detailed information about any inquiry;
  • Plan unforgettable trips, expeditions, and masterclasses;
  • Reserve flights tickets or passes for events;
  • Prepare festive events and coordinate business meetings;
  • Provide pick-up and greeting services from the airport;
  • We endeavor to be our guests’ vacation accomplices until the journey’s end.
  • Regional

Georgia is a wonderful country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with a great history, culture, stunning beauty of nature, delicious wine and cuisine, and traditional hospitality. Georgia is home to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati and Jvari Monastery, villages, and tower houses in Upper Svaneti. Georgia has a unique alphabet; its official language is Georgian, and its official currency is the Georgian Lari.
Every region has beauty and a great history in this little country. Currently, two territories within Georgia are occupied by Russia-Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Places to visit:
The largest and most diverse city is Tbilisi-the capital of Georgia, with important landmarks and sightseeing locations, various architecture, art and museums, and an active nightlife.

  • Near Tbilisi is the ancient capital-Mtskheta, with UNESCO World heritage sightseeing. Mtskheta is called the Museum under the sky based on its impressive history and architecture.
  • Adjara region is famous for the sea and mountains together. The major city-Batumi is the pearl of Georgia and is also called the country’s tourism capital. There are many luxury resorts on the Black Sea coastline where visitors can relax and have an unforgettable time.
  • Despite the breathtaking landscape, the Kakheti region is known for its cultural value-unique Georgian wine and cuisine.
  • Imereti and Samegrelo regions have their own delicious cuisine, fantastic folklore music, and incredible hospitality; everything here is made by love and care.
  • And there are also more incredible places in the mountains like Svaneti, Gudauri, Tusheti, and Kazbegi, where visitors can feel the soul of nature and fall in love with our country.

Our professional team will make every moment memorable by showing spectacular places, attractions, and activities.

  • Family trip

Spending time with family can be the most pleasant memory for every person. However, for great remembrance, it is necessary to prepare each detail correctly, select the perfect locations to stay or visit, discover the appropriate local cuisine, and find an experienced guide.
And here is Travex to help!
Organizing trips for families, whether smaller or larger, is our superpower.
We make every trip unforgettable with diverse, exciting tours and amazing impressions throughout Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.

  • Seasonal

Georgia’s location and landscape make the Climate here unique and highly variable. Every season has its own beauty and quickly makes any visitor fall in love with its magnificence.

Summer: Explore fabulous Georgian beauty, enjoy with sunshine and visit the Black Sea coasts for great adventures, luxury resorts, nightlife, dancing, boat riding, and a swimming experience.
Summer is the prime time for trekking in the mountains of Svaneti, Tusheti, Gomismta, and Upper Adjara, which are all difficult to reach during the colder months.

Autumn: Actual photographers’ paradise, especially when rust-colored foliage is visible. Autumn is a great time to feel the magnificence of Georgian nature and culture. Harvest season brings festive feelings to the entire country, and guests can attend the Tbilisoba festival in October.
Warm, breezy days and mostly clear skies create a wonderful atmosphere in every part of Georgia. It’s a great time to visit Tbilisi, Kakheti, Borjomi, Racha, Samegrelo, and Imereti regions.

Winter: The best time for ski resorts. Guests will absolutely fall in love with the Georgian mountains and their breathtaking views.
Winter is quite cold and snowy, and conditions are freezing in the highlands, but most mountain areas are accessible by road and are winter wonderlands.
For people interested in winter sports, this season is perfect. Guests can stay in superior hotels in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi, and Hatsvali and create unforgettable memories with a fantastic experience.

Spring: The excellent time to meet the awakening of nature when powder-pink cherry, plum, and magnolia blossoms start to appear, feel a dizzying scent of flowers, and fulfill dreamy travel desires.
Spring is quite warm and usually rainy in Georgia, but it’s a fantastic time of the year for photographers and nature wanderers. It’s a great time to visit Kakheti, Imereti, Adjara, and Racha-Lechkhumi Regions.¬†