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  • Lopota 

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is the best place where a relaxing vacation can interact with nature. The resort spreads around 60 hectares in the heart of the Kakheti region and is surrounded by the picturesque Caucasus Mountains. The infrastructure blends harmoniously with nature and emphasizes its landscapes’ beauty, which gives visitors unforgettable impressions during all seasons.
Guests can stay in high-class hotel cottages, relax at the forest spa with high-quality procedures, visit an indoor or outdoor pool, a sauna, and a gym, participate in sports or adventure activities, and enjoy delicious cuisine and exclusive Georgian wine.
Lopota is a fantastic place for family, personal, romantic, or corporate vacations. This calmness, high-quality services, and Georgian hospitality will renovate every guest’s body and mind and bring happiness.

  • Kachreti

Ambassadori Hotel is located in Kachreti – a small town in the Kakheti region. This part of Georgia is famous for its wine-making history throughout the centuries.
Ambassadori Hotel in Kachreti is the nearest resort to the capital city from the east. It is the perfect place to escape a busy life, a bunch of work, and relax in a high-class resort according to European standards.
Guests can choose where to stay between luxury hotel rooms and super comfortable cottages with amazing views. Visitors can enjoy delicious Kakhetian cuisine and wine; drink coffee or cocktails on the terrace, in front of the restaurant, or next to the pool. In addition, Kachreti is an excellent place for sports activities like basketball, tennis, football, and mini golf.
Kachreti is the best place for business visits, meetings, international tournaments, master classes, and family gatherings. This luxurious, comfortable, and entertaining location makes every guest’s leisure satisfying and memorable.

  •  Sairme

The balneological resort “Sairme” is located in Western Georgia, in the mountainous zone of a subtropical belt, 950 meters above sea level. It is the most significant and distinctive resort, with an ecologically clean environment in Europe and the South Caucasus. The green cover consists of 60 hectares, and it is the only resort where four different therapeutic and one thermal spring are coming out and cures many diseases.
The resort includes:
• Comfortable pump rooms for mineral water;
• A spa center and a fitness club;
• Indoor and outdoor pools;
• Football, volleyball, and basketball grounds;
• Restaurants, conference halls, meeting rooms, and a beautiful green garden.
Guests can visit the 24-hour polyclinic for therapeutic, cardiology, and urological treatments. The clinic is also equipped with a modern laboratory and ultrasound.
Sairme is the best place for family and corporate vacations to breathe fresh air, drink healed water, and enjoy different sports activities, zip line, jeep tour, bicycle crawl, etc.

  • Tskaltubo

Tskaltubo is a top-rated resort in the Caucasus Region. The resort is located in the Kolkheti lowland, 7 km from one of the oldest cities-Kutaisi. Tskaltubo is not incomparable for its medicinal qualities but also extremely impressive for adventure lovers.
Tskaltubo Plaza provides high-quality services for guests: various hotel rooms, doctor consultations before spa centers and massage cabinets, a gym, excellent restaurants, a pool, and transportation to the points of thermal sources, where guests can receive all the necessary treatments.
It’s known that Tskaltubo thermal waters heal about 70 diseases. Natural water is warm, reflects the temperature of the human body, and thus is applied without heating.
There is a beautiful, huge park with various subtropical plants where guests can walk after thermal procedures and feel fresh.
Sataplia Managed Reserve is a must-see place where visitors can discover dinosaur footprints, an exhibition hall, a glass panorama view, well-organized caves, and marked trails.
Prometheus Cave is one of the best sites in Europe, where visitors can see underground wonders: transparent lakes, forests of natural stalactites and stalagmites, natural rooms with fabulous ornaments.

  • Borjomi

Borjomi is located in the Samtske-Javakheti region of Georgia, which unites stunning nature, balneological resorts, impressive monuments of different eras, and mineral springs-its main fossil wealth.
Borjomi has an international reputation for its accessible location, geothermal spring mineral water resources, nature with forests, fresh air, and lakes hidden in the green, which attracts many visitors year-round.
Borjomi mineral water is a well-known brand and a calling card for Georgia. The sulfuric water’s healing properties directly benefit the digestive system and metabolism.
There are dozens of mineral spring health spas, recreation complexes, and rest houses in Borjomi. Visitors can relax, taste flavorful Georgian cuisine, and enjoy hiking and ski trails, breathtaking panoramic views, picturesque lakes, medieval temples, and fortresses.
Modern Borjomi is excellent for ecotourism activities, family, and personal vacations.

  • Bakhmaro

Bakhmaro is a mountain resort in Guria, located 1900-2000 m above sea level.
Here, Sea and Mountain air combine to create a unique climate, so this resort has excellent curing conditions and is regarded as one of Georgia’s most prevalent minerals and spa resorts.
The resort has a superb location, surrounded by spruce, evergreen forests, and woods.
There is a mountain called Gadrekili, known for its picturesque sunset and sunrise views. Travelers camp there and watch that masterpiece of nature, how the sun “wakes up” and “goes to bed.” Sitting above the clouds sounds unbelievable, but that creates unforgettable memories.
In Bakhmaro are typically cozy, wooden, lovely homes and several hotels. The main resort period lasts three months in summer; In winter, it’s hard to reach, but visitors attracted by ski sports can hire a snow vehicle and create wonderful memories in the snowy paradise.
Bakhmaro is the kingdom of mists and clouds; it’s impossible to capture such beauty in a picture entirely; Everyone must see their own eyes.

  • Kvariati

Litz Resort is the best place for luxury lovers, business, and corporate travelers; a five-star hotel is located near Batumi, on the top of Kvariati Village.
Litz Resort gives a marvelous 360° view of the seashore and the magnificent scenery of the Caucasian mountains. The Climate here is an excellent combination of the sea and mountain air; a pleasant sea breeze always blows here, which creates additional comfort for guests.
In Litz Resort, all 101 rooms have a magnificent full view of the sea and several panoramic views.
Here is everything to create a fantastic atmosphere for relaxation: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a waterfall, a spa and sauna, a beauty center, a gym, and delicious restaurants;
For entertainment: cinema, trendy bars, and night clubs, bowling, billiards club, library, casino, giant chess, and checkers board;
For meetings: fully equipped several conference halls, a grand ballroom with glorious views.
The time spent at Litz Resort will be associated with unforgettable happiness, harmony, and reassurance.