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Travex creates a variety of services for people with different interests. Racing Travel in Georgia is for those who seek a real adventure to elevate and enrich their lives through sports activities. We provide a service to both car enthusiasts and professionals.

Real simulators

It’s a wonderful opportunity for beginners to get great pleasure from driving a car, but not exactly. It’s a simulation of the autodrome track with 99% accuracy. A simulation provides an extraordinary practical experience; besides learning to drive accurately, it also gives the feeling of being on track.

Formula taxi

This is a unique opportunity for someone who wants to experience extreme emotions: strong acceleration, high-speed turn, and strong load.
Formula Taxi is a real Formula class racing car with one passenger’s seat back from the pilot. Due to the unique car design and experienced pilots, passengers get great pleasure and adrenaline in a completely safe way.

Drift classes

Learning extreme car driving is a fantastic opportunity for those planning it for a long time. Professional instructors teach how to drive a car boldly, subjugate the vehicle after losing control, and how pass the turns of the track with a full load.

Circuit championship

Circuit racing is one of the best experiences for auto enthusiasts. It’s a kind of car and motorcycle, held on a specially designed circular track, with a start and finish at the same place. Depending on the group size, in a racing, five to sixty sports cars can take a start simultaneously. This kind of championship is held on special safe raceways in Georgia.