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Travex organizes all types of sports and culture masterclasses in the most innovative and delightful way in different locations. These activities can get people out of their daily routines and open new horizons. 


Friendly matches   

We have many options for sports matches, depending on guests’ objectives, either in the city, mountain, or sea.
We take care of every detail so that guests enjoy a relaxing journey and have fun with chosen sports, like football, tennis, snowboarding, etc. In addition, we provide accommodation, restaurant service, matches, and trips.

Art classes

The tour is for all guests interested in art, like painting, literature, sculpture, enamel, or leather jewelry making.
Guests can meet local Georgian artists and paint with them in the studio or nature. They can take paintings and remarkable memory of Georgia along. Our team will create a friendly and creative atmosphere for guests.

Georgian designers’ workshops

This tour is a fascinating experience for people interested in art and fashion. Guests can visit local Georgian businesses and designers, get to know their creations, and share experiences.
Travex offers an exciting activity: visitors can get involved in the creation process of different handmade products and take them as a memorable experience.

Tickets & passes for events

Georgia is attractive to tourists not only because of its nature but also because of its nightlife. Famous singers, bands, and DJs are often invited to perform at shows.
Travex Organizes full-service packages for guests, from buying tickets, and VIP access to the most sought-after events, to a perfect hotel stay and car service.
Our experiences are crafted to exceed your expectations.