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Travex can turn any demanding ideas into reality. Our goal is to make every event wonderful, unique, and memorable.


  • Destination Wedding

Travex’s professional team will plan and organize the special day. Our services include providing a perfect location, planning and setting up for the wedding, preparing and translating all necessary documents and templates;
We not only offer magnificent locations but also understand the importance of your wedding day and promise to do everything to make it unforgettable. 

  • Destination Birthday

For an unforgettable experience, Travex can create tremendous fun and exciting adventures for birthday parties.
What do the guests desire? From transportation to accommodation, our team organizes parties, tours, or events according to the guest’s wishes, whether luxury vacations, sports activities, nightlife, or discovering new places.
With attention to the smallest details, Travex creates flawless results in the most innovative and personalized way.

  • Corporate

Throughout the year, a thousand reasons motivate corporations to organize corporate events. Company dinners are always an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties between colleagues, encourage employees and increase team motivation.
Travex offers a wide range of options in different countries, where corporate dinners or themed events can be held.
Our team will endeavor to celebrate unique events in an exclusive environment and accumulate new experiences and pleasant moments for every company member.

  • Incentives

Travex delivers professional services with creative ideas to companies that care to build and maintain their team with unforgettable experiences.
Incentive trips are one of the most powerful tools to motivate workers, improve productivity, and strengthen the corporate brand.
We offer exclusive and carefully conducted trips, gastronomic routes, personalized and team-building activities, masterclasses, tours that let visitors know the most authentic areas of a destination, and living experiences that take persons out of their daily routine.