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Azerbaijan is a land of fire, where stunning nature coexists with ancient buildings and modern high-tech architecture.
The Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains bound Azerbaijan. The official language is Azerbaijani, and the currency is Azerbaijani manat. It is possible to get to Azerbaijan by both air and land transport.
The capital and commercial hub of Azerbaijan is Baku – the largest city in the Caucasus. Its well-known old town, Icherisheher, is the historical core of Baku. The most ancient part of the city is surrounded by walls and contains the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a vast royal complex, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower.
Modern landmarks include many luxury malls, excellent restaurants, great entertainment places with the famous Heydar Aliyev Center, and the Flame Towers- three pointed skyscrapers covered with LED screens.
In Azerbaijan, everything is fascinating. Guests can explore the impressive sights in the world and unique locations:

  • Garasu Volcano, one place of mud volcanoes from 350;
  • Yanardag translated as a burning mountain, an impressive natural phenomenon;
  • Absheron National Park protected land stretches 783 hectares, with stunning flora and fauna;
  • Delicious, unique cuisine;
  • Attractive architecture, and of course, oil.

Visiting Azerbaijan will become one of the best decisions for every person’s life. And for sure, Travex will make this trip more than excellent.



Armenia has become a notable tourist country in recent years with its charming rich history, breathtaking nature, and ancient cultural heritage. The official language is Armenian, and the currency is the Armenian dram.
The capital and the cultural core is Yerevan-one of the most rapidly developing cities in Europe. The city is profoundly historical, and the Armenian Genocide Memorial demonstrates the nation’s troubled past.
Must-visit places in the city:

  • Republic Square;
  • Blue Mosque-the only mosque in the country;
  • The Hrazdan gorge;
  • Levon’s Amazing Underground World;
  • The vernissage flea market.

The mountain Ararat is Armenia’s national symbol and is considered holy by locals. Therefore, for an unforgettable experience to clear your mind and enjoy the magnificence of nature, Ararat is the best location.
Armenia is home to numerous monasteries, often located in outstanding natural beauty, such as Sevanavank, Haghartsin Monastery, and Zvartnots Cathedral.
Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus region, and the surrounding mountains provide spectacular scenery. Lake has several popular beaches, recreation activities, and a wide choice of excellent seafood restaurants.
Dilijan national park is famous for its medicinal mineral water springs, as well as its natural monuments. In addition, Dilijan is one of the most popular resorts in Armenia, undergoing high-speed urbanization.
Visiting Armenia allows guests to meet new cultures, discover the unique mixture of modernity and history, try tasty gastronomy, and fall in love with untouched nature.


Kazakhstan is a vast and beautiful central Asian country. It’s a land of proud nomadic traditions, multitudinous landscapes, and elegant cities. The official language is Kazakh and Russian; the currency is the Kazakhstani tenge.
The capital is Astana, recently known as Nur-Sultan. It’s the youngest capital city in Central Asia, confidently entering the international arena with recognizable scale and importance. The city attracts guests worldwide with its unique architectural design, nomadic culture, brilliant sightseeing, and global-level business events.
Popular attractions in the city:

  • 105-meter-tall Bayterek Tower, with a magnificent panoramic view of the city;
  • Duman Recreational Complex-the ultimate inspirational place for art lovers;
  • The Museum of Miniatures and Seaquarium- excellent sites for nature enthusiasts;
  • Nur-Astana and Hazrat Sultan Mosque;
  • Ak Orda Presidential Palace and Astana-Arena Stadium;
  • Independence Square and Kazak Eli Monument.

Almaty is Kazakhstan’s most significant cultural hub, known for its gorgeous setting and fantastic city attractions. There are unique locations to visit: the alpine mountains-which guard the city, creating breathtaking views and unforgettable trips; the central state museum; Zelyony Bazaar or Dostyk Plaza- the best place for shopping and exploring the local specialties; lots of art galleries, parks, and lakes.
Kazakhstan is a beautiful country, with landscapes from different planet and architectures from the future. Therefore, Travex can promise to achieve any dreamy vacation desires.