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Medical tourism has become quite popular for many people in recent years.
Travex offers full-service for the best experience: assist in finding the most suitable treatment, fully equipped hospitals with superior quality technologies, using state-of-the-art techniques with highly experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.
Medical tourism includes the most common procedures:

  • Dental tourism

Our partner dental clinics offer all kinds of dental services with highly experienced doctors using the latest equipment and materials.

  • Hair transplantation

Our partner clinics’ skilled doctors will help to get high-quality service and to restore a youthful appearance.

  • Weight correction

Our partner clinics’ highly qualified and experienced doctors help find the most suitable surgery and care for every detail of the process to improve patients’ health.

  • Plastic & Aesthetic surgery

Our partner clinics have the best foreign and Georgian doctors who perform correction or surgery on different parts of the body: nose, face, breasts, etc.
In addition, visitors can discover and experience countless historical, cultural, and natural wonders in Georgia.